Botanical Name: Malus pumila mill. About this item 100% Natural Boost Skin Health Control various Skin disorders like Eczema Helpful in Psoriasis, Itching & Rashes Reduce Blood Sugar Level Helpful in Weight Loss Antioxidants Anti fungal Anti inflammatory Anti-bacterial Antimicrobial Control Diabetes   This is a Vegetarian product.
Botanical Name: Terminalia Arjuna About this item Control Diarrhoea, Asthma & Cough Anti Hypertensive Control various Skin disorders like Eczema Antioxidants Helpful in Bronchitis Helpful in UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Reduce Blood Pressure Level Reduce the risk of Heart Diseases Helpful in Heart Blockage   This is a Vegetarian product.
Botanical Name: Withania Somnifera Also known as Indian Ginseng & Winter Cherry. About this Product Boost Fertility & Testosterone in men Reduce Cortisol Levels Reduce Stress & Anxiety Reduce Blood Sugar Level Anti inflammatory Improves muscle mass & strength Improves Reproductive System, Immunity   This is a Vegetarian product.


Ingredients: Amla, Kesar, Triphala, Ashwgandha, Trikattu, Ashtvarg etc. About this item Boost Immunity Brings vitality & strength to body Improves Digestion Good for Eyes & Skin Antioxidants Anti-viral Enhance Cardiac Functions   This is a Vegetarian product.
Ingredients: Gurmal, Karela, Jamun, Dalchini, curry Patta, Amla, Methi Dana, Neem About this item 100% Natural Keeps your Diabetes under control Prevents Blood Glucose Fluctuation   This is a Vegetarian product.


Diuretic effects of jamun flushes toxins out of the kidneys.    About this item Reduce Blood Sugar level Anti-scorbutic Carminative Used in arthritis Used in asthma Improves Digestion Maintains Dysentery Prevent nausea and vomiting   This is a Vegetarian product.
Binomial Name: Syzygium Cumini. About this item 100% Natural Helpful in Ringworms Treatment Reduce Blood Sugar Level Improves Digestion Helpful in Throat Problems Reduce Bet-wetting in Children Antibacterial Antimicrobial Antiscorbutic Helpful in Diarrhea, Dysentery & Dyspepsia   This is a Vegetarian product.
Biological Source: It is made from the fruit of Memordica Charantia. Rich Source of Vitamin A & C. About this item 100% Natural Boost Energy & Stamina Reduce Blood Sugar Helpful in Psoriasis & Ringworms Antioxidants Antibacterial Aid Weight Loss   This is a Vegetarian product.
High in Vitamin E,Lower Cholesterol Levels, Assist With Blood Sugar Control
Mongra is the highest quality of saffron grown in Kashmir. Botanical Name: Crocus Sativus Biological Source: The World’s most expensive spice derived from crocus sativus or the purple saffron flower. These 3 compounds are responsible for giving Kashmiri saffron: Its Intense colour Aroma Deep Pungent About this item To increase Vitality Promotes learning ...

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